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Do You Have A Project That Needs Doing, But
Don't Have The Resources To Make It Happen?

Here's What Therese Skelly Said In Her Mindset & Marketing
Magic Newsletter
That I Thought Would Help Entrepreneurs.

"The theme for this article is to encourage you to see who can do
the ‘heavy lifting’ and help you out in areas where you need some
more support.

Below is my four-step process for embracing this really important
principle in your business.

Step #1: Open your eyes! Take a look around at your business
and where you either loose energy (bookkeeping maybe?) or
where you are chronically overwhelmed, or when you know that if
you just had a few key pieces in’d really be able to take
off. Sometimes it will be letting someone do the tasks for you, or
maybe it’s the need you have to learn a new skill.  For me it was
social media.  I knew that I wanted to jump on the latest
relationship/networking building trend, but didn’t have a clue
where to start.  What would it be for you?  Make a list...

Step #2: Visualize!  The next step is to allow yourself to imagine
what would be possible if you had this piece in place.  This is
where the fun is.  If you could design it EXACTLY how you
wanted, how would it look/feel/be?  My best learning style is
having someone talk me through the process, because I am an
auditory learner.  So the perfect solution to my social media desire
was to have someone go through step-by-step all the bells and
whistles.  I had even signed up for a couple of teleseminars with
the ‘experts’ but didn’t use them as the PERFECT design in my
mind was a one on one relationship with someone who would just
tailor my learning.  Your turn...dream big!  What would you love
to see in terms of support

Step #3: Strategize!  Now where do you find this person?  There
are two ways of doing it.  The first is the ‘inner game’ way of just
harnessing energy.  Part of the ‘magic’ is if you just set the
intention, the Universe conspires to support you.  (Anyone ever
watched The Secret?)

The next way is to do some research about who is out there that
could ‘fill the bill’ for you in this area.

The magic for me came when I attended my coach Kendall
Summerhawk’s Brand Authenticity Money and Meaning workshop
in May.  There I found my perfect solution!  I had already known
and was friends with Mary Pat Kavanaugh, but after spending
three days with her, we really connected and decided that we
could support each other.  Guess what she specializes in?  You
got media!  She’s like the FaceBook Queen!  

Now it’s your turn...after putting out the intention, create a list of
where you could find the support you need and a list of who you
could go to for help finding it.  Don’t forget the power of your
network.  Ask others who they know.

Step #4: Realize!  Now that you have found that perfect person,
how is it going to work?  What has to happen for you to put them
on your team?  Maybe you just need an advisory board or
possibly a peer run mastermind.  In either case, explore what’s
the win-win for all parties involved.  In my case, Mary Pat is
mentoring me in FaceBook, and I help her by coaching her on her
business growth and strategies that she can easily implement.  

If you need to pay for some new team members, do a calculation
about how much business you’ll need to bring in to cover the new
cash outlay. Truthfully, many entrepreneurs get themselves stuck
in the trap of “I can’t afford to pay anyone to help, but I’m so
busy doing so much administrative stuff, that I can’t earn more
money either.”  If you find yourself in that conundrum, ask
yourself the following questions –

1.  What’s the minimum investment I’d need to make to move
forward?  (Example, if you can only spend $500/month...what
could that money buy you?)
2.  How long would it take for me (with the new people in place) to
begin to see a return on my investment?
3.  What is it costing me to NOT have these additional resources?  
This could be in time, money, or just stress!  Be honest here.

I’d encourage you to follow the four-step process and email me to
share who your ideal support people are and how you are going
about getting them because you deserve it!

©2008 Therese Skelly. Visit her at"

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