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Suzy Prudden,

"Thanks for taking such good care of me.  I'm so grateful for you."
-- Suzy Prudden, Prize Winning International Speaker, Workshop and Seminar Leader, and Best Selling Author.


Joan Meijer,


"DigitalNancy makes working on the web a pleasure.  I have worked with many webmasters and have never worked with a more responsive and competent person.  She doesn't simply do what I ask, she asks questions about things I didn't know enough to think about so that the job is done well and done right.  I highly recommend her."
-- Joan Meijer, writers' coach and author of 11 books, including, How To Create A Book That Positions You As An Expert In Your Field – Home Study Course

Kathleen Hudson, HIS Services, Inc.,

"Digital Nancy Villella is my  choice  when it comes to tech support , consulting and product editing and duplication.  She has photographed every member of my family during holiday events and private parties. She is an  excellent videographer and has assisted me in setting up private seminars and  presentations. She is professional and when asked will offer suggestions for improvement and feedback.  I trust the work she does and highly recommend her to others who want to work under the umbrella of quality.  Nancy has even volunteered her time not only to my business but also to the charities I support on a regular basis with her skills.  You don't find this kind of dedication to client service everywhere in today's marketplace, please don't keep her a secret!"
-- Kathleen Hudson, Speaker and Co-Author of Wake Up and Live: Live The Life You Love, and Wake Up and Live: A Power Within.

Suzanne Seligson Serlin, Serlin Consulting, LLC,

"Digital Nancy Villella has a unique skill in producing the subliminal CDs that I use in my practice to make sure that my clients autonomously utilize their new thoughts and behaviors. Nancy also is a genius in creating language in flyers that attract perfect clients to my practice."
-- Suzanne Seligson Serlin, hypnotherapy, NLP and time-line therapy.

Joanne T. Chen,

"Digital Nancy Villella has been an absolute delight to work with.  After our initial phone correspondence, I was traveling to Arizona on a business trip and brought materials with me to give to her.  Instead of letting me drive 45 minutes to her place after my flight, she offered to meet me at my hotel!  Since that meeting, I have been further impressed by her work ethic and her dedication to provide quality service.  Digital Nancy Villella delivers work products, such as audio transcriptions, audio and video editing, QuickBooks setup & data entry, and CD duplication, with her trademark thoroughness and professionalism.  She communicates with my web designer with the same level of courtesy and is ever ready to contribute thoughtful ideas and suggestions upon request.  She is the perfect right-hand person to busy small business owners like myself, and I am pleased to have her on my support team."
-- Joanne T. Chen, speaker, accent reduction/public speaking coach

Loretta Love Huff, Emerald Harvest Consulting, LLC,

“Nancy has been a life saver to me!  I used to use another company to provide video recordings of my TV appearances.  Getting the files back from them took MONTHS however and was a very frustrating experience.  Nancy on the other hand was able to record my most recent TV segment on short notice and got my digital recording back to me within a day!!!  She is courteous, prompt, efficient and professional.  I highly recommend her!”
-- Loretta Love Huff, professional speaker, executive business coach and author of 6 Keys for Dissolving Disputes: When ‘Off with their Heads!’ Won’t Work

Linda S. Thompson, Life Path Solutions,

"Digital Nancy Villella has recorded a few of my lectures, both audio and video. She also edits all of my audio recordings and gets them ready for sale and/or my website. Nancy is my go-to person whenever I have a question about this side of my business and she's always hit the target in her advice and recommendations. She is creative, concise, and always cheerful. I would recommend Nancy to anyone wishing to find an excellent A/V assistant."
-- Linda S. Thompson, Speaker and Author of Planning For Tomorrow, Building Your Safety Net For Life, A Caregiver's Journey, and Fran's Story.


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